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The High School of Telecommunication Arts and Technology (HSTAT) is a big school that acts like a small one. Located in the Bay Ridge section of Brooklyn, HSTAT is a friendly and supportive place that attracts students of different abilities and backgrounds. It’s also a bustling place with roughly 1300 students and a wide array of courses and activities to ensure that there’s something for everyone! Aerial View of the HSTAT. 

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Faculty & Staff

The HSTAT staff includes our principal, six assistant principals, 90 teachers, and 30 support staff members.  We are committed to creating a culture of kindness in which all students feel safe and comfortable learning and growing.  Our faculty members value collaboration both within our school and beyond. We meet daily in grade teams and monthly in departments to be sure that our instruction meets the needs of our students and pushes them to reach their goals. Our teachers also work with many outside organizations such as Math for America, the Urban Teacher Residency Program, and the American Social History Project. Our teachers have received The New York Times Teachers Who Make a Difference Award, the Sloan Award for Excellence in Teaching, and other prestigious awards.


Parent Involvement

Families are an essential part of our community and we are committed to ongoing and frequent communication with parents. Our school uses the PupilPath website to bring you immediate information regarding your child’s progress in school.  PupilPath allows you to view your child’s assignments and projects, as well as your child’s grades.  School announcements and a calendar of upcoming events are posted on the website regularly.  An active PTA and parent coordinator jointly sponsor numerous parent workshops on current topics of interest to the school community.  

Special Programs

Software Engineering Program (SEP) - Watch Introduction Video

We are proud to offer our students the opportunity to participate in our Software Engineering Program. SEP is a four-year program that develops students’ higher-order thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and independence.  In addition to helping students develop skills that are critical to their other academic classes, SEP will also allow students to participate in industry-informed learning experiences. In the first year, the core topics will include block-based computer programming fundamentals, Robotics, and text-based programming with Python.  Later courses will reinforce first-year topics and explore front-end and back-end Web Development.  Several field trips throughout the year will introduce students to local companies and permit students to see first-hand how technology is used and created in the business world.  For students who do not participate in the four-year program, we offer several Software Engineering elective courses.

HSTAT Software Engineering Logo. 

We are delighted to offer students the opportunity to experience our rooftop Greenhouse by taking classes in urban sustainability or by joining the Gardening Club.

We have a thriving Theater program!  Last year over 100 students participated in our production of The Wizard of Oz as well as other smaller productions.

Instructional Support and the ASD Nest Program

We offer a continuum of services to meet the needs of all of our students and cultivate a culture of understanding and acceptance.  Those services include but are not limited to, ICT, SETSS, special class, counseling, speech, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and hearing.  We are also home to a Nest program that serves our students with ASD.  Through the Nest program, our students with ASD have access to all school services and activities in our safe and nurturing environment. Students are provided with a rigorous curriculum that pushes them to be more independent and to advocate for themselves.  Staff members collaborate to set attainable goals for individual students.  They also strive to model this behavior so that our ASD students collaborate with their peers.  We provide a flexible program so that individual needs are met.  We strive to integrate the students into the school community in as many areas as possible.  We encourage all to participate in extracurricular activities.  Our hope is that our ASD students will soon be able to leave their “nest” and become successful members of the community.

Course Offerings & Curriculum

AT HSTAT, our goal is not just to support students on their path to graduation but also to prepare them for the journey they will take after graduating.  As a result, all of our students must meet the minimum New York State requirements for graduation.  Once they have met those requirements, we encourage our students to take the most rigorous classes available to them.  We offer many accelerated courses through our Advanced Placement and College Now programs, as well as many interesting elective courses in all disciplines.  

Our teachers work in grade-level inquiry teams to identify the Common Core State Standard skills on which they will focus as a group through the lens of discipline-specific content.  All ninth-graders take a Health Writing class that addresses topics essential to our students’ health and well-being while developing their writing skills.  All tenth graders take a Global Research class that prepares them for the research-intensive work they will encounter in high school and beyond.   Eleventh and twelfth graders have the opportunity to choose from our many elective and accelerated courses. 

Freshmen Year

Algebra or Geometry

Health Writing

Global Literature        

Global History              

Software Engineering



Living Environment or Physics

Physical Education


Sophomore Year

Geometry or Advanced Algebra

Global Literature         

Physical Education

Elective Course



Research & Technology

Global History    

Kingsborough - College Now




Criminal Justice                     



High School of Telecommunication Arts & Technology - 350 67th St Brooklyn, NY 11220

 HSTAT at night. 

College Office

We hope not only to graduate our students from high school but also to prepare them for what comes next.  With this in mind, we staff our college office with three skilled and inspiring college advisors who work with all of our students and their families individually to help them realize their dreams.  Their work with our students begins in the 9th grade and extends beyond when our students have graduated. Through individual meetings, classroom visits, college trips, SAT prep classes, text message blasts, and Google classroom, our college advisors regularly communicate with all students about important events and deadlines, assuring that all seniors participate in the school-wide celebration of the completion and submission of the college applications.  Students and staff are all encouraged to share their knowledge and experiences with each other through an annual school-wide college fair where our staff members represent the colleges they attended, through strategic visits to the colleges our graduates attend so they can serve as tour guides for our current students, through an annual alumni event where graduates return to serve on panels for staff and students, and through upperclassmen visits to 9th-grade classrooms. One college advisor is dedicated to supporting students through their 1st-year transition into college.