• Wise Ceremony

    On June 1st, Hamna Maqbool, Alexa Bautista, and Zhiwei Fan presented proposals to improve the quality of life of their respective communities to a select group of panelists from the Working in Support of Education (WISE) organization. Hamna won 1st prize and a scholarship for her project, Break The Cycle: Promoting Awareness about Teen Dating Abuse. Alexa and Zhiwei were recognized for their project, Instead of Running From the Sun, Protect Your Skin and Have Fun. Please visit the HSTAT blog 

    High School of Telecommunication Arts & Technology
  • June PTA Meeting: June 12 @ 5:30 PM

    In celebration of all the wonderful TELE parents, grandparents, and guardians, our HSTAT PTA will host a dinner buffet in our newly renovated cafeteria

    High School of Telecommunication Arts & Technology
  • ALUMNI DAY 2023

    Thank you for participating in this year's Alumni Day. We enjoyed hearing the experiences of HSTAT Alumni as they shared their personal stories about adjusting to life after High School. These are the College Survival slides. For our graduating class, please take a look at them as they have information that could be useful to your college/career planning. 
    High School of Telecommunication Arts & Technology
  • Saturday Regents Tutoring

    If you need help with regents, please take advantage of Saturday Regents Tutoring

    High School of Telecommunication Arts & Technology
  • June 9 is a Remote Learning day

    Friday, June 9, will be a fully remote day. Classes will take place on Zoom.  You will follow your regular program, period 1 - 8. Your attendance will be taken for each period.  

    Please go to your Google Classrooms for Zoom links to all of your classes. If your Google Classroom does not have a link posted, please contact Assistant Principals for further directions:

    Mr. Gennaoui: Social Studies, Spanish

    Ms. Lantigua: Instructional Support

    Ms. Verteramo: Art, Music, English, ENL and PE

    Ms. Vierling: Math, Science, Computer Science

    The schedule is as follows:

    Period 1

    9:00 - 9:30

    Period 2

    9:40 - 10:10

    Period 3

    10:20 - 10:50

    Period 4

    11:00 - 11:30

    Period 5

    11:40 - 12:10

    Period 6

    12:20 - 12:50

    Period 7

    1:00 - 1:30

    Period 8

    1:40 - 2:10

    High School of Telecommunication Arts & Technology
  • Congratulations to our sports teams.

    Congratulations to:

    • The Girls Softball Team for making it into the playoffs!
    • The Boys handball Team. Placed first in their division.
    • The Boys volleyball Team. Placed first in their division & seeded 4th in NYC.
    • The Girls handball Team. Placed first in their division.

    Go Yellowjackets!!!

    High School of Telecommunication Arts & Technology
  • Morgan Book Project

    On May 12, 2023, 9th grade Tele students were honored at the Morgan Library for their illustration, writing, and binding of their own books. Over the course of their freshman year, the students worked on their books as part of a culminating project for their course, Ancient World Literature. Check the HSTAT Blog

    High School of Telecommunication Arts & Technology
  • Finalist for the Presidential Awards

    "Congratulations to Ms. Giambanco, who was a State/Jurisdiction Finalist for the Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching (PAEMST)! They were honored last week during a virtual celebration by the National Science Foundation. You can view a recording of the event here."

    High School of Telecommunication Arts & Technology
  • AP and Elective Fair

    We wanted to thank all the AP and elective teachers and their students for helping to make yesterday’s AP and Elective Fair a success. It was also fun to watch the battle of the sciences to see them prove which course is better. 

    High School of Telecommunication Arts & Technology
  • Need to borrow a laptop or iPad?

    Please click here to complete the Student Device Request Form

    High School of Telecommunication Arts & Technology
  • Get new HSTAT Gear!

    Please click on this link if you'd like to get new HSTAT t-shirts, shorts, sweatpants or sweatshirts!

    High School of Telecommunication Arts & Technology
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Our Mission

At the High School of Telecommunication Arts and Technology we adhere to a few core values:  students  are encouraged to continually challenge themselves; all members of our community work collaboratively to model a growth mindset  and to be accountable for fostering genuine respect, confidence, and the ongoing pursuit of knowledge; we are lifelong learners who build communities and encourage each other to be our personal best;  our work is to prepare students to be curious, independent learners and critical thinkers who question and investigate so that they are equipped to address both local and global challenges; and to always be kind, be kind, be kind.

These principles guide us to work together to create a school that will help our diverse community grow into adults who care about their world.  The HSTAT magic lies in our regular reflection and commitment to adjusting what we do to meet the needs of our young people by searching for new ways to become a better school. Our commitment to equity, and a culture of self-reflection has led us to strengthen and further develop our programs, curriculum,  and systems for support. Our 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade Small Learning Communities (Initiatives) promote academic and social growth through global-minded coursework  and high expectations. Early community building programs for our incoming 9th grade ensure that each of our students starts high school surefooted. Through the work of extraordinary staff and peer-to-peer support, we differentiate for our diverse population by meeting our students’ individual needs and focusing on college and career access for all.  We support students on the road to college and beyond by addressing the needs of the whole child: an unbeatable teaching, guidance, and administrative team;  dedicated support staff; committed families; three College Advisors; staff assigned to grade-level Academic Advisement; exciting academic programs; an array of extracurricular activities; senior mentors; and a community-minded ethic ensure that our many initiatives thrive.  At HSTAT, we all do our part to enrich our students’ lives by prioritizing student voice, student choice, and student collaboration..

Our school began its life as the Bay Ridge High School for Girls in 1915. In 1985, after 70 years as the preeminent high school for young women in Brooklyn, we became a coeducational school and our name changed to the High School of Telecommunication Arts and Technology. We are proud of our long history– our history,  institutional knowledge, and steady foundation give us the freedom and flexibility to be creative and to build.. In this spirit, we continue to grow and change so our students will always have options, and the knowledge and confidence to make good choices.


HSTAT‘s Commitment to Social Justice

At HSTAT, we stand together with love to amplify the call that Black Lives Matter.

We are committed to eradicating longstanding systems of racism in our country. We cannot ignore how injustice impacts our school and our broader community. ​​We bear the responsibility of guaranteeing that our Constitution and the ideals​ ​​within it ​are afforded​ to everyone.

As educators, we have the responsibility to dismantle racism. We pledge to:

  • engage staff in reflecting on our own biases to consider how these impact our practices and pedagogy.
  • ensure that hiring practices foster diversity across our community.
  • revise our curriculum to reflect the diversity of our cultures, our city, and our country.
  • develop deeper restorative practices to counteract disciplinary responses that have disproportionately impacted communities of color.
  • elevate the voices of students and families in the development of school policy and decision-making.

Our students are at the center of our efforts. To empower them, we must reimagine old policies and systems. We acknowledge the urgency of this moment and we recognize that we have more work to do.

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