Extracurricular activities at HSTAT are an important part of our culture. We take pride in not only offering our students top-notch education, but a wide variety of extracurricular programs as well. We have sports teams in the Public School Athletic League (PSAL), over 20 different active clubs, student government, and a variety of programs in partnership. You can learn more about these programs by following the links below. HSTAT is proud of our many clubs and teams. Our teachers act as both club advisors and PSAL coaches.

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Clubs list

CLUB Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to join a club? No, at HSTAT clubs are optional. That said, clubs help you meet new people, feel like part of a community, and help build your resume for college or a job. 

When do clubs start? The week of October 13th.

Can I join more than one club? Yes, definitely!

What if the two clubs I want to join are on the same day? You should email the advisers of those clubs and let them know you will be alternating between their clubs. Most advisers will be fine with that.

What if I want to join a Sport? Please speak with our Athletic Director, Ms. Murray at gmurray@hstat.org if you're interested in joining one of our sports teams.

I want to have ________ club at HSTAT. How do I get _______ club here? Email Ms. Beck at bbeck@hstat.org to talk through this process. 


Special Programs and Partnerships

  • Software Engineering Pilot
  • Downstate Partnership
  • Bottom Line College Prep Program
  • Theatre Development Foundation
  • Long Island University
  • CUNY Kingsborough College Now
  • NYC Tech
  • NY Theater Workshop
  • Minds Matter
  • SAT Prep