Student Government Organization (SGO)

Student Government 2021 – 2022



Student Leader


Amelia Sambone

Vice President

Johana Amigon


Isaiah Womack 


Dennis Grigoryev

Club Council Coordinator

Mera Sarsour

Community and Alumni Coordinator

Kayla Weng

Events Coordinator

Alexis Luna

Equity Coordinator

Leslie Calle

Fundraising Coordinator

Jeffrey Lu

Health and Wellness Coordinator

Christie Fernandez 

Social Media Manager

Nicole Wong 

Senior Class President

Amia McDonald 

Senior Class Vice President

Blake Walcott

Junior Class President

Alexa Bautista 

Junior Class Vice President

Jorge Lopez 

Sophomore Class President

Selina Ren

Sophomore Class Vice President

Laura Bui 

9th Grade President

Frank Dominguez Cruz

9th Grade Vice President

Samuel Sharivker 


Ms. Beck 

Morning Announcement: October 27th, 2020

Ninth Grade Student Government Speeches

Have an idea for how to improve HSTAT or want to propose philanthropic endeavor?

Join the SGO meetings in 501 on the first Friday of every month! We look forward to seeing you there!

 Members of the student government 

Past Events

The Gift of Giving: The SGO teamed up with the BluePrint club to help out with the Gift of Giving event. We collected and wrapped gifts that we helped Santa give out to elementary students in need.


The Gift of Giving 2017