Partnerships & Collaborations

Broadening our Political Horizons: An International Collaboration

From October 2020- January 2021, 9th-grade students at HSTAT collaborated with Whitefield Secondary School in Kathmandu, Nepal. This international project focused on the political and social movements of Nepal and the United States. Students presented their research findings weekly via Zoom and practiced skills such as public speaking, interviewing, time management, group collaboration, research and so much more. Throughout this project, students at both schools taught one another the infinite ways in which our respective countries are different and similar in our past and present experiences. Students reflected on how to use this information to set expectations of our government for a better future. We are so proud of our students for their commitment to this project and we look forward to more collaborative opportunities with the wonderful students and faculty at Whitefield Secondary School. Below are links to excerpts from January 12, 2021, the final presentation. 

Broadening Our Political Horizons

Interview with Andrew Gounardes

Student Quotes

Reflections and Closing Statement