Physics Trip to Intrepid

Physics students enjoyed a field trip to the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum. Students explored the former aircraft carrier USS Intrepid. While on board, they had the opportunity to tour the Flight Deck and learn about different military aircraft. They also toured the Hangar Deck where they learned about the Intrepid's role in World War 2 and took advantage of the numerous interactive exhibits aboard the ship. In addition, the students were able to learn about the many navigational instruments needed to operate such a large vessel. The students also had the opportunity to walk through the decommissioned Navy submarine USS Growler. Here they learned about the conditions sailors experienced while living beneath the ocean's surface for months at a time aboard a nuclear armed submarine. In addition, the students learned about NASA's space shuttle program while visiting the Space Shuttle Pavilion which is now home to the retired space shuttle Enterprise.

Physics Intrepid trip

Fall 2022 Halloween Window Painting

Please enjoy the photos from our HSTAT artists who painted for the Bay Ridge Annual Window Painting Competition. It was a beautiful sunny day and they really did incredible work.  
HSTAT Artisits: 
1. Hamna Maqbool
2. Aaron Lin 
3. Briana Grijalva
4. Kevin Brown
5. Safina Norova
6. Vivian Chen
7. Aseel Althary
8. Nicholas Pyromalis
9. Sondos Essa

Halloween Window Painting 2022