Track Team

Model United Nations Conference At Hofstra University

March 5, 2020

 HSTAT Model United Nations at Hofstra University

HSTAT Model UN students attend three day Model United Nations Conference at Hofstra University.

Our Model UN students spent the last three days at Hofstra University participating in a Model United Nations Conference where they debated and collaborated on developing resolutions to address issues ranging from economic interventions in Venezuela to unexploded ordinances in Egypt, Iran, and Afghanistan to how to greater protect the rights of indigenous peoples with disabilities in East Africa. Some students even participated in crisis committees where they solved international relations issues both historically and in the future. 

The HSTAT PTA Workshop

January 6, 2020

Workshop Topic: Grades, Grading, and the Graduation Requirements

Speaker: Mr. Sosa - HSTAT Grade Advisor
Time: 6:30PM

Light refreshments served.

 PTA Workshop flyer 

Shore Hill Senior Neighborhood Center

December 17, 2019

Our 11th and 12th-grade students in the NEST program attended a meaningful trip to visit the seniors at Shore Hill Senior Neighborhood Center where they practiced social communication skills. Students shared their talents such as drawing, playing the piano, facilitated activities, distributed prizes to the seniors and engaged in conversations. Students made a farewell holiday thank you card that seniors truly appreciated!

 Students with seniors of the Shore Hill Senior Neighborhood Center  Students sitting with seniors at the Shore Hill Senior Neighborhood Center  Student playing piano at the Shore Hill Senior Neighborhood Center  Students playing board games with seniors  Students spending time with seniors at a table at the Shore Hill Senior Neighborhood Center  Woman makes an announcement at the Senior Neighborhood Center  Students smiling with a senior at the Shore Hill Senior Neighborhood Center  Students reading the paper with a senior at the Shore Hill Senior Neighborhood Center 

Future Game Designers Workshop

October 7, 2019

Interested in Game Design? Apply for a free 14-week NYU workshop series!

NYU is hosting a FREE intensive, hands-on 14-week workshop called Future Game Designers. It is designed to introduce talented high school freshmen, sophomores and juniors to the process of digital game development and the game industry.

Where: At the NYU Game Center in Downtown Brooklyn

When: The program meets weekly, from Saturday, February 1, 2020, to Saturday, May 9, 2020.

Deadline to apply: Friday, November 15

Read more about the Future Game Designers Workshop.

Principal’s Remarks to the Class of 2019

August 15, 2019


I was at a workshop recently. The presenter, named Gholdy Mohammad, spoke about two things that really struck me deeply, and with which I connected deeply: a Northern African philosophy, Uboontu — which teaches “I am what I am because of us” and another idea about a tradition of welcoming people by saying ”we are more complete now that you are here” I connected so deeply with these two statements because these words are at the core of everything I believe, what I hoped to bring to the classroom, and what I hope every day I am bringing to our school, and most importantly what I hope to bring to the world.

HSTAT is a special place. Our community, Tele, Telecomm, H-STAT, Telecommunications, whichever of our many names you prefer is a very very special– a magical place.

Tele IS because you are because we are! Our Tele community does not exist if we do not fill the halls with kindness, compassion, and curiosity– WE ARE … you, our families, our staff, every visitor. Our community does not exist if we do not listen to each other’s ideas and grow from those ideas or if other’s tune us out, refusing to grow from ours.

WE ARE “more complete now that you are here.” WE ARE “more complete now that you are here.”

And now, you are moving forward.

And I hope we were part of the important things, the really important things. Of course, in your time here, you studied Math, and you studied English and Science and Language and Music and Art, and others. And those things are important. But what is important about them is not what they are in isolation, but how they contribute to our understanding of each other and of the world. In isolation, they mean nothing.

What is important is that we understand that “I am here because of us” and “We are more complete now that you are here.”

I can’t top those words. I can’t top that sentiment. But I hope you take them with you as I did.

“I am here because of us” and “we are more complete now that you are here”

Each time you meet someone. Each time someone brings something different to a conversation. Keep in mind–

“I am here because of us” and “we are more complete now that you are here”

We only get better when we love our differences and those differences eventually become us.

You are part of a great tradition of people who make a difference. Our students — our Tele community – leave here with firm roots and strong legs. I am confident that you, too, stand on strong legs and you will make the world more complete.


Blue Heron Park

June 5, 2019

On May 24th and 28th, freshman, sophomore, and junior students enrolled in Leadership Circles attended trips to Blue Heron Park in Staten Island hosted by the Urban Park Rangers. Rangers led students through an outdoor classroom program on the topic of ‘ecology and the web of life.’ Students learned about the impact of native and nonnative species on the environment, the effects of human impact, and got to meet live animals. Among them was a snake hilariously named Houdini for his tendency to escape his container! It was a trip students won’t soon forget.

 Students examining organisms in a plastic container  Students at Blue Heron Park  Students touching a snake  Students during their trip to Blue Heron Park  Students talking to a park ranger 

Model UN Visits Columbia University

April 15, 2019

Over this past weekend, 11 of our Model UN delegates competed and collaborated with students from across the city and Long Island at Columbia University today in a series of crisis situations that underpin international relations.

 Model UN on Columbia University's campus Model UN with their awards

HSTAT Track Team at Nationals

March 29, 2019

 A member of the track team with his 2nd place medal  A member of the track team with his 5th place medal  Students on the track meet's podium  The HSTAT track team on the podium  Four members of the HSTAT track team with their medals  The HSTAT Track Team