Navigating Our Facilities


  1. The first digit of the room number tells you the floor.

  2. One side of the hallway has even numbered rooms and the opposite side has odd numbered rooms (except the new wing).

  3. If the room number has a number three (3) in the middle, the room is in the newer building (also known as “the new wing”). For example, room 3​3​5 is on the third floor in the new wing.

  4. Bathrooms are located on the first floor. Students may use the bathrooms in the Cafeteria and the Gym during the periods they have those classes.

  5. The Cafeteria is on the fifth floor.

  6. The Gym is in the basement. Only the center stairs lead to the Gym.

  7. The Greenhouse entrance is on the third floor, in the center of the hallway, near room 355.

First Floor Layout

Third Floor Layout