Our School


At the High School of Telecommunication Arts and Technology we adhere to a few core values: all of our students must take the most challenging course of study at which we believe they are capable of succeeding, all of us must treat each other with kindness, and the goal of our work is not simply to graduate our students but rather to prepare them to be successful for their studies after they leave us.

With those principles guiding us we work hard to create a school that will help our very diverse community grow and become good citizens.  We are always willing to adjust what we do to meet the needs of our young people and we consistently search for new ways to become a better school. We know that our 9th and 10th grade Small Learning Communities have been very successful in promoting the academic and social growth our younger students, and we see that our rigorous 11th and 12th grade curricula (in service of our mission to make our students college ready every one of our students takes a full course load even if they have already met graduation requirements) is preparing our students quite well for the world after high school.

Ultimately, the true strength of our school is our staff.  With thoughtful veteran leadership and a commitment to examining our practices and improving our performance we work hard to teach well.

Our school began its life as the Bay Ridge High School for Girls in 1914. In 1985, after 70 years as the preeminent high school for young women in Brooklyn we became a coeducational school and our name changed to the High School of Telecommunication Arts and Technology. We are proud to have continued the long tradition of providing a high quality school for the families of Brooklyn.